JUST SO YOU KNOW – I’m starting a new blog, 2 years later. A funky and badass food blog at funkyfressh@wordpress.com 

Come visit in a couple days when that shit is running like a race horse.




Well hello old friends! (And perhaps a few new ones as well).

Where have I been for, what, one year? Least neglectful blogger right here.

Well, I moved to Philadelphia from Switzerland and have been studying for a degree in Art History. I’ve also been acting a lot – right now I’m working on 2 films with 3 auditions on the horizon for this week! More on that in the coming months. 🙂

I’ve started a brand-spankin-new blog over at blogspot – I hope to see your lovely faces around there! http://www.spiritlithified.blogspot.com and if you’re not already, you can follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ansleyd123

My new blog is going to be a compilation of everything I love, so all you foodies out there can expect a few new kick ass recipes, style hounds, some new featured collections and outfits, music lovers, of course some new releases. Really, it shall be a schmorgasboard of awesomeness that will keep our souls free and wandering.

Crumpet Boy


By now you should expect an out of the blue post title, because they’re titled after the first phrase that comes to mind when I wake up. Today’s was a combination of Bugle Boy, and tea and crumpets. Well, at least that’s why my 99% awake mind is deciphering.


Today started with some coffee. Big surprise there.
With a whole wheat rusk. I’m just full of surprises today!

PBAD 010

Then a ramekin of chilled watermelon with slivered almonds:

PBAD 009

Refreshing and simple. That’s what I’m about. Then before I could talk myself out of it, I laced up my Nikes and went on a quick 3 mile run through the mountain paths, dodging raindrops, frogs and slugs.
I run my best when it’s slightly damp – does anyone else find that?

And really, what better feeling is there than relaxing on a big comfy chair, eating scrumptious oatmeal, after putting on clean clothes, after a crisp, cool shower, after a fast-paced, sweaty workout? Exactly. Not much else.

Grad Gown 064

These would be stove-top, with banana, almond milk, cinnamon + cardamom + dash of salt. Toppings include puffed honey quinoa;

Grad Gown 066 

And a real surprise for your fine selves – a dollop of vegan vanilla frosting.
Yeah. I did. I so totally did.

Grad Gown 069

And it was good.

The day goes by so quickly when you wake up at 12. Imagine that.

So, by this time I had surpassed a normal lunch time, but then again I’m not really normal. I had a not so normal lunch of soy yogurt, kiwi, almonds and homemade cardamom berry compote –

Dance Party 006

The berries were from central Switzerland, the yogurt from Northern Switzerland, and the perfectly ripe kiwis? New Zealand.

Dance Party 002

Dinner just happened. It just, happened. I didn’t know what to make. I was out of brain power. (Lounging around all summer can do that.) I just took out some ingredients, just heated up a wok, just whipped up a orange-soy sauce, and just threw everything in the wok, and just ate it.

Dance Party 094

And it was good.

Sometime in the day also came this –

Tuesday 019

And magically it was kicked up a few notches;

Tuesday 020

BAM! Take that you simple produce! Naw, actually, I’m perfectly capable of enjoying plain produce, but these suckas got some love. Mrs. Granny Smith dressed herself in raspberry jam, Mr. Cucumber some spicy salsa, and Dr. Bell Pepper was prescribed a dose of herb cottage cheese. 

And Cobrasnake style almonds;

PBAD 002

Whellp, I’m off to read and make music. Adios muchachos y muchachas.


New blog in the works.

Stay tuned!

Tiger Nest


(Again, the phrase I woke up with in my head) Probably some combination of my dreams and the lyric “I’m the Indian in the cougar’s nest”.

I was looking through my old posts, being the proud son of a gun (daughter of a rifle?) I am, and noticed it’s been a long while since I’ve done a post with all my eats for a day. A normal day. Of eating. This is a food blog, afterall.

Here we gooooo:

Woke up, and started with a cup o’ frothy jo:

Tuesday 006

Not the best photo of my coffee, but you can deal. After gettin’ some thaaangs done like picking a meal plan (holla atcha alternative plan #!) ((There’s also a Whole Foods AND a TJ’s within a few miles of campus…. HELLZZYEAHHH)) and other meanial chores, me belly was singing to me.

In went yogurt + berries + lemon curd

Dance Party 121

Yeah, I said lemon curd.

Dance Party 125

And to properly harmonize the lemon theme of breakfast, a freshly baked lemon-poppyseed muffin

Dance Party 098  

With more fresh lemon curd, because that would just be ridonkulous to skip it.

After a quick run and a shower, and of course exploring the food blog universe, I made some egg white omelettes.

Dance Party 104

In muffin form. Gotta’ make my meals flow harmoniously, yo. I chopped some zucchini, red onion and bell pepper and put it in the bottoms of a few muffin tins, then poured the egg white + Franks + milk mixture atop, baked for 15 mins, topped with Edam cheese, and devoured. Oh, some EVOO and S+P may have been in there.

Dance Party 024

Had a strawberry + banana + brown rice protein + oat smoothie too. Can you tell I have a thing for breakfast foods?

For dinner I made a bowl of love –

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 180

With some tofu dogs that got the schneike broiled out of ’em

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 177

With copious amounts of Carribian Jerk seasoning. Which explains the decorative umbrella.

And these.

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 173

These little cuties are conspiring. To plan their day under the hot sun of the Carribean.

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 174 

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. One of them got so uncomfortably hot that the only way I could rescue him was to cool him off in the glass of Alsacian White –

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 184

That’s an ice cube. I told you he was hot, you didn’t believe me?

Then I found my way to the chocolate drawer, some tea and a good book.




So, my friends. I promised you a Moscow re-cap, so a Moscow re-cap you’ll have.
I’m going to keep it simple. Just a few of my favourites.
Let the pictures speak.


Moscow, Gummy Adventures 042

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 045 

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 055

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 060

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 072

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 099

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 116

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 120

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 144

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 156

Yes, another phrase I woke up with.

First up diese morgen? Kaffee.

Taste 004

I raced out the door to make it to my French final on time. Before I left I literally threw some yogurt and almonds down my throat.

I definitely loved my outfit today,

Taste 011

BOO! Up close and personal for yeh.
What do I love about it? Well, I’m the ultimate clashy-mcClashister. Navy blue Cleveland Indians tee, darker  blue linen shorts, and a BLACK Team Love hoodie. Ooooh, scandalous. I loved every clashing, eye-gouging, too-similar-of-a-colour-pallete-y minute of it.

Then I got my rays on. Well, yeah ok my turquoise Ray Bans, but then I went to the lake for a few and got some natural rays. Yeahh that pale blob in the picture above is no more.

Then eventually I ate lunch,

Taste 013

While eyeing some sweet places to stop on my road trip through France after I grad-jew-ate. (Saturday!) Heehawww. This bed of leaves was holdin’ up some cucumbas, 3 sliced olives with garlic in the center, sliced almonds, bell pepper and salsa. And a generous helping of Caribbean Jerk seasoning.

Then came a snack, follwed by a nappity nap.

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 004

Wasa, (wasssaaappp!) cucumbas, bell peppahs, and hummus + Frankity Franks. Peeking in the right corner is my Grad announcement – Check out my school –

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 006 

Isn’t it great? It’s an old Victorian home. Tiny tiny. My French class last year was in an old supply closet.  How Cinderella of me!

Eh, I don’t have really much more interesting things to share. Meh, dinner was veggies and tofu. Whoofrickitywhoo. Actually, it was indeed quite tasty, but I dint take no pictchas.

Here’s a little preview of Moscow –



His paw was really heavy. One swipe and I’d be toast.

OH! AND MY LITTLE BABIES! I’m using my Twitter page again –