But wait, hold on y’all, the future arrives bearing another great update! It’ll be up before you can say ‘John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”.


Whoa, really? Done already? You speak quickly. Or think quickly, those of you who didn’t want to be cought singing campfire songs to your computer…

I’ll leave you with something a little meatier.

Remember when I did THIS entry on the mystery drawer! Well, I’m finally going to reveal the innards. No winner, unfortunately, but I hereby declare you all winners. Awww. What a Dr. Suess world we live in, eh?




Yeah. You heard me correctly. I said a Cho-co-late-dra-wer. Southern drawl on ‘drawer’. Are you jealous? Are you going to make your own? Will I have an army of wooden boxes filled with delectable cacao concoctions congregating, my own drawer leading them all to victory in the epic battle against all other sweets, glucose and coco butter staining the battlegrounds?

Man. I read too much Stephen King…

The Hershey’s Nuggets were a gift from a friend who came to visit over the Summer, and although I love to support the good ‘ole American standard Hershey co, their chocolates just don’t compare to Cailler and Lindt. Sorry Yanks, the Swiss’ve got you there. (They’re also good at making Gluhwine and Watches.)


Until my next! Which will be soon! Come back again! Thanks! Don’t forget to make your own Chocolate Drawer!

Oi, I sound like the cute old man from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.