Remember my post Nori Maki? Where I said that I like to write down the first word that comes to mind when I wake up? No? Well, I did. And I do. And today’s word? Goblin. It’s a good word, Goblin. Takes the mind to interesting places.

Moving on. In my last post, I said I’d come back with answers. And answers I have.

This August, I’ll be moving to Philadelphia. Why? Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps, a little school called Villanova University could have something to do with it? 🙂 I’m stoked. Any bloggers in the Philly area? Hollaaaa.

Okay, so backing up a few weeks. *blushes for not updating* I went to Boston, Minneapolis and Philly. It was yoga bliss in Minnesota- I visited my Grandma and Grandpa who have a cabin on the St. Croix –

Toitles 016 

And on a dock that overlooks the water, I yoga’d it up. Too often?  Psh, yeah right.

I took this on the eve of my last night in the States. Gettin’ one last look at the water before I went off to pack in my so present state of mind-

Toitles 028

Had a couple of these throughout the days –

Toitles 036

Yep, that would be some lovely honey oat bread with raw almond butter. It was the bottom of the jar, so I got all the chewy goodness.

Sometimes it turned into this –

Toitles 039

Open faced Ab&J sandwich, the J being blueberry.

Oh, and since I can’t find half the things so many bloggies rave about here in Swissland, I was SO excited to find this –

Toitles 007

WAHHHH! I’m so behind the times. I got Cosmic Cranberry. I twisted off the cap as soon as I checked out and it fizzed all over me. That’s when I smelled it. I thought maybe it had expired. But nope, it still had a good life left. So I took a sip. And checked the expiration date again. Nope, I read it correctly the first time. I took another sip. Not as shocking as the first. I continued to sip away, smacking my lips after each slurp, until I had drank an entire inch. I was proud.

Halfway through the day, half of it was in my belly. So, I think with other flavours this relationship that got off to such a rocky start could blossom into something lovely. I guess we’ll find out in August.

Oh, and I also did something about 30 years out of style. I shredded. And it kicked my ass.

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing –

Toitles 067

I made a mango chutney dish, with brown rice pasta, veggies and red beans. I decided it was time some New ‘Awleans red beans met India. With a few salty roasted almonds on top. It was muy bien.

Toitles 071

And also, I have AP’s this week, and really no classes. Ok, I lie, about one a day. Oh, my life is so hard. Expect to see a lot more of me. Okay? OK.

Over and out.


One Response to “Goblin.”

  1. You are GORGEOUS, and your pictures of the honey oat bread and almond butter are making my mouth water! haha!

    I’d recommend trying the strawberry Kombucha…it’s supposed to be the mildest and I loved it!

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