The Caged Bird Sings to Me


Yes, another phrase I woke up with.

First up diese morgen? Kaffee.

Taste 004

I raced out the door to make it to my French final on time. Before I left I literally threw some yogurt and almonds down my throat.

I definitely loved my outfit today,

Taste 011

BOO! Up close and personal for yeh.
What do I love about it? Well, I’m the ultimate clashy-mcClashister. Navy blue Cleveland Indians tee, darker  blue linen shorts, and a BLACK Team Love hoodie. Ooooh, scandalous. I loved every clashing, eye-gouging, too-similar-of-a-colour-pallete-y minute of it.

Then I got my rays on. Well, yeah ok my turquoise Ray Bans, but then I went to the lake for a few and got some natural rays. Yeahh that pale blob in the picture above is no more.

Then eventually I ate lunch,

Taste 013

While eyeing some sweet places to stop on my road trip through France after I grad-jew-ate. (Saturday!) Heehawww. This bed of leaves was holdin’ up some cucumbas, 3 sliced olives with garlic in the center, sliced almonds, bell pepper and salsa. And a generous helping of Caribbean Jerk seasoning.

Then came a snack, follwed by a nappity nap.

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 004

Wasa, (wasssaaappp!) cucumbas, bell peppahs, and hummus + Frankity Franks. Peeking in the right corner is my Grad announcement – Check out my school –

Moscow, Gummy Adventures 006 

Isn’t it great? It’s an old Victorian home. Tiny tiny. My French class last year was in an old supply closet.  How Cinderella of me!

Eh, I don’t have really much more interesting things to share. Meh, dinner was veggies and tofu. Whoofrickitywhoo. Actually, it was indeed quite tasty, but I dint take no pictchas.

Here’s a little preview of Moscow –



His paw was really heavy. One swipe and I’d be toast.

OH! AND MY LITTLE BABIES! I’m using my Twitter page again –


6 Responses to “The Caged Bird Sings to Me”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Your school is so picturesque!!

  2. Hey, I found your blog on Nourishing Eats today and I am so glad I came across it. Your photography skills are amazing and you have such a cute personality! I will definitely be reading it again 🙂
    Your school is so “picturesque”, like VeggieGirl said. I would kill to study somewhere like that. Lucky girl!

  3. Squill Says:

    Hey Ansley!

    Your college looks so beautiful– a Cinderella dwelling, indeed! You must be so excited 🙂

    I was a junior this year (almost done!)– took Chem, Spanish, Calc, and History. Sooo much work, but I had such lovely teachers that I just couldn’t drop any of them :,D

    Yum! Your snack looks positively delicious.

    Your photos from Moscow look exciting– can’t wait to see the rest! ❤

  4. LOVE the garlic-filled green olives!!! That salad looks amazing….i’ll definitely be re-creating that little masterpiece soon! 🙂

  5. Marina Says:

    Your school looks awesome!!

  6. ugo Says:

    the bear hates his life

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