Zombies + Toitles.


Thinking of you my dear bloggies! It’s been a whirl-wind of a trip. I absolutely LOVED Boston! I’m in Minneapolis now, Chicago tomorrow, Philly until Sunday, then I’ll be home to lovely Swiss land Monday.

This week in Minnesota has been pure yoga bliss. Pictures to come with my return!

Love you, bluebirds.

PS – My titles is pronounced “toyt-oles”. You know, like our good friend the zombie kid, at the zombie fest. He likes turtles.

And so do I.



All mainly to do with this lovely blog that has been mi casa for nearly a year.  I’m not sure what direction to take it in – do I continue my theme of love for coffee + krisprolls?

MIA 001 

And healthy vegetarian fare, like grainy-mustard crusted tofu?

MIA 009

My affinity for old cookbooks and baking?

MIA 006 

MIA 024

Capturing Oakley getting repremanded?

MIA 044

My growing love for all things vintage, as well as a newfound enjoyment of modeling?

MIA 066  MIA 062

Unfortuantely I’m only 5’6 and would probably have to lost an obscene amount of weight just to make a living.

ANYWAY, I also have to decide where to go to school next year – out of 8 schools that accepted me.

MIA 029

It’s between 3 now – Villanova, Northeastern and Elon.

So, if you have and advice, input, ideas, comments, questions, answers, opinions, please don’t hesitate to do so. I love all of cou, and will be back soon. Hopefully with some answers.