I Dream in Cats


So, I’ve been off living life. I was in Moscow for a few days, and have been enjoying a relatively blank schedule. Of course, a kid like me fills it up.

Oh, and I woke up this morning thinking “I dream in cats”. Not “I dream OF cats” or “I dream ABOUT cats” or even “I dream WITH cats” but “I dream IN cats”. Like all of my dreams are composed of various cats. I’m still trying to figure it out. I didn’t even dream about cats. I was actually a dragon, getting married to another dragon on top of a pointy mountain. Oh the dreams of Ansley.

Anyway. After contemplating morphing into a dragon for life, I moved on.

I went absolutely CRAZY and had 2 zweiback crisps with my coffee.

Grad Gown 003

Jokes. I normally have 3 with ma cafe chaque matin.

Then I had a loverly breakfast of banananananananer, pliz-ane yogurt, flax, almonds, cinna-ya-mon, and honey.

Grad Gown 005  

This looked oddly bare. Sadly insipid. Horribly humdrum, and overall wasn’t exciting my palette.

Until he came along.

Grad Gown 006

Oh yes boys and girls. It’s no surprise that almond butter spices up. Home-made it is. Cinnamon honey flavoured this is. Delicious it was.

Like any other homosapien, I was hungry again.

Grad Gown 007

Unformed chickens, scrambled with copious amounts of Franks, cottage cheese, salt and pepper. With a ‘mater and some wasas.

Did I really just write unformed chickens? Pahaha. My mind works oddly.

I ate it with some lovin’ on a braeburn apple.

Grad Gown 015 

After an eventful day of sewing and cheeeeelin’, I flipped on the grill. These veggies got a makeover.


Grad Gown 018


Grad Gown 024

While they were a’cookin’ away, I enjoyed the scenery off our balcony –

GoodEats 034

Too bad you can’t see the Alps on the left, they’re really quite breathtaking. Kinda pretty.

I ate the beauties with some toe-food, (my little cousin Rae called tofu that when she was just learning to speak, and, hey, it’s completely stuck.)

Grad Gown 035

Oh yeah, want to see my sweet grad dress?

Grad Gown 088




It’s a vintage Nina Ricci I found in Zurich. Of course, this is just the dress. The full outfit I have planned is fabulous.


I’ll keep you in suspense. 😛























And that’s all for now. I should let you know that I have a new blog in the works. I’m broadening my horizons, folks. Hope you like it. And if you don’t, well you can go eat worms.

But you’ll probably like it so you won’t have to eat the slimy earthlings.

More details to come.

Wiederleuge, tchuss!




Remember my post Nori Maki? Where I said that I like to write down the first word that comes to mind when I wake up? No? Well, I did. And I do. And today’s word? Goblin. It’s a good word, Goblin. Takes the mind to interesting places.

Moving on. In my last post, I said I’d come back with answers. And answers I have.

This August, I’ll be moving to Philadelphia. Why? Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps, a little school called Villanova University could have something to do with it? 🙂 I’m stoked. Any bloggers in the Philly area? Hollaaaa.

Okay, so backing up a few weeks. *blushes for not updating* I went to Boston, Minneapolis and Philly. It was yoga bliss in Minnesota- I visited my Grandma and Grandpa who have a cabin on the St. Croix –

Toitles 016 

And on a dock that overlooks the water, I yoga’d it up. Too often?  Psh, yeah right.

I took this on the eve of my last night in the States. Gettin’ one last look at the water before I went off to pack in my so present state of mind-

Toitles 028

Had a couple of these throughout the days –

Toitles 036

Yep, that would be some lovely honey oat bread with raw almond butter. It was the bottom of the jar, so I got all the chewy goodness.

Sometimes it turned into this –

Toitles 039

Open faced Ab&J sandwich, the J being blueberry.

Oh, and since I can’t find half the things so many bloggies rave about here in Swissland, I was SO excited to find this –

Toitles 007

WAHHHH! I’m so behind the times. I got Cosmic Cranberry. I twisted off the cap as soon as I checked out and it fizzed all over me. That’s when I smelled it. I thought maybe it had expired. But nope, it still had a good life left. So I took a sip. And checked the expiration date again. Nope, I read it correctly the first time. I took another sip. Not as shocking as the first. I continued to sip away, smacking my lips after each slurp, until I had drank an entire inch. I was proud.

Halfway through the day, half of it was in my belly. So, I think with other flavours this relationship that got off to such a rocky start could blossom into something lovely. I guess we’ll find out in August.

Oh, and I also did something about 30 years out of style. I shredded. And it kicked my ass.

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing –

Toitles 067

I made a mango chutney dish, with brown rice pasta, veggies and red beans. I decided it was time some New ‘Awleans red beans met India. With a few salty roasted almonds on top. It was muy bien.

Toitles 071

And also, I have AP’s this week, and really no classes. Ok, I lie, about one a day. Oh, my life is so hard. Expect to see a lot more of me. Okay? OK.

Over and out.

Zombies + Toitles.


Thinking of you my dear bloggies! It’s been a whirl-wind of a trip. I absolutely LOVED Boston! I’m in Minneapolis now, Chicago tomorrow, Philly until Sunday, then I’ll be home to lovely Swiss land Monday.

This week in Minnesota has been pure yoga bliss. Pictures to come with my return!

Love you, bluebirds.

PS – My titles is pronounced “toyt-oles”. You know, like our good friend the zombie kid, at the zombie fest. He likes turtles.

And so do I.


All mainly to do with this lovely blog that has been mi casa for nearly a year.  I’m not sure what direction to take it in – do I continue my theme of love for coffee + krisprolls?

MIA 001 

And healthy vegetarian fare, like grainy-mustard crusted tofu?

MIA 009

My affinity for old cookbooks and baking?

MIA 006 

MIA 024

Capturing Oakley getting repremanded?

MIA 044

My growing love for all things vintage, as well as a newfound enjoyment of modeling?

MIA 066  MIA 062

Unfortuantely I’m only 5’6 and would probably have to lost an obscene amount of weight just to make a living.

ANYWAY, I also have to decide where to go to school next year – out of 8 schools that accepted me.

MIA 029

It’s between 3 now – Villanova, Northeastern and Elon.

So, if you have and advice, input, ideas, comments, questions, answers, opinions, please don’t hesitate to do so. I love all of cou, and will be back soon. Hopefully with some answers. 




I hate running late, absolutely loathe being rushed. And this morning? Exactly that. Fortunately I had a break between classes so I came home and got a shower in, as well as having the time to savour a delicious macchiato.

Melted 010

This may be my new favourite coffee shot…

Anyway, after my English Language/Composition and Francais 4, I lunched.

In attempt to counter the high-strung morning, I had a melty sandwich,

Melted 012

And devoured it, despite trying to feel mellow and smelty. Smelty? Not exactly the word I was looking for, but I’ll take it. A layer of basil tomato sauce, a sliced Quorn filet, yellow bell pepper, pickle and mild Emmental.

Melted 013

To keep it company in the belly I paired it with a salad of sorts – cucumber, tomato, parsley, gala apple, yellow pepper and a few dried cranberries.

Melted 015


I have a new beverage obsession. When I lived in the States it was Pom Tea, (Peach flavour, holla!), and here, its this lightly flavoured carbonated water.

It has 9 plant extracts – ready? Ok, here we go –

1. Acai
2. Hibiscus
3. Birch Leaves
4. Mulberry Leaves
5. Elderberry Flowers
6. Coriander
7. Dandelion
8. Calendula
9. Juniper



The flavours aren’t over-powering, they’re just present enough to gently touch your tastebuds. Rafraichissant!

After a big of errand running, I hit the yoga mat. It was a pretty good class, but the teacher talked a bit too much of ‘celebrating the differences of bones in your body, in your hands and feet’ and to ‘celebrate the fact that you’re able to do this pose, you’re here, you’re tangible’. I don’t mind centering banter like this, but it was a bit much for me. It was an hour class, and I was starving when I was done.

I came upstairs and ANNIHILATED a beautifully tender mango.

Melted 017

Yeah. I bought two. They’ll probably be gone tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t be as famished when I eat it, so I’ll have more time to take some better photos.

Have a nice day, bloggies!




Nope, still not me.



My breakfast, of course. With the Financial Times,


A slice of toast, Parm, and a glass of Sanguine Orange juice,


Pulpy and tangy. A mug of Earl Grey was also in line to get into my belly,


With a small Rusk, getting soggier and lovelier by the second.

A few hours later came a fresh bowl of ‘naner, pineapple and strawberries.


Which turned into this;


All thank to the addition of some yogurt, pom seeds, spelt puffs, ground flax and a dollop of cottage cheese.


Wait, shh, what is that?! Do you hear it? SHHHH!

Ah, man.
It’s my Econ book. Ughhhh.

Bye bloggies. (:




No, It’s not me that’s toasted… Today, anyway.


Woke up this morning to a nice mug of Guatemala blend and a Krisproll,

Toasted 023

Then got cracking away on my studies. Fortunately I didn’t have any classes today, so a leisurely review of my AP materials was in order. Just the way I like it.

After I’d had enough of MPS, the Multiplier, Ben Bernanke and other Macroeconomic activities, I made perhaps the most wonderful food ever.

Toasted 032


With St. Dalfour wild blueberry preserves,

Toasted 026

It’s rich, with just a touch of sweetness. I absolutely love how the berries stain everything they touch. When I’m not wearing white, of course.

Toasted 029

See how it just seeps into the towel? That dollop wasn’t on there for more than a few seconds. Beautiful.

Toasted 033

One simply nutty, the other covered in a lovely layer of said preserves.

With a spot of Earl Grey,

Toasted 030

Who came together with the simple slice to harmonize,

Toasted 039

Mmm. Grudgingly I got back to Macro, but then was distracted by my super model of a dog, enjoying the lake breeze in the balcony –

Toasted 037   

She’s got the ‘I’m-too-beautiful-to-look-at-the-camera-directly” look down, don’t-cha think?