This place would be a flippin’ airport!


That joke has been running around in my mind all day. Maybe I’m subconsciously dissatisfied with everyone around me. But not my blogsters! Oh, no. My blogsters are beyond airports.

Before I went to class I had a banana and coffee. You don’t get to see the banana today. My apologies.

GoodEats 026

So I came home from class, you see. And I was hungry, you see. So I did what a person normally does when they’re hungry, and I made lunch. Yes, lunch. Most people like the afternoon meal. Most people like food, as well. Just as Joseph Brunee’s editorial People Like Food, courtesy of The Onion, (America’s Finest News Source) I like food too. So here is what I ate.

Idiots Could Fly 003


A flippin’ amazing salad with a bunch of gloriousness on it.

Idiots Could Fly 001

Cucs, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, hard-boiled egg, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, Quorn, all enrobed in a lovely blueberry yogurt dressing. Scrum-diddly-uptious.

Idiots Could Fly 006

I also devoured some cornbread with a drizzle of Greek honey.

GoodEats 015

Eaten with a fork, all messy-like and in my face. The only way to be eaten. Unless it’s with chili. Or as muffin.
Also, cornbread stuffing is nice.


After much thinking, many days of browsing friendly foodie blogs, and meal after meal of unphotographed food, I have made a decision.

I’m back. For good this time. No more once a month posts.

Things are much calmer now – I got into my first 2 choice schools, Elon and Northeastern, and for the next few months, all that’s on the agenda is food blogging and travelling.

So what have I been doing the past few months?

I went to Egypt over Christmas with my family:

GoodEats 136

Engraved hieroglyphics in the Mortuary Temple of Hatchepsut. 

GoodEats 188

Yours truly, comforting a small statue of Horus. The Romans chopped off his beak during the Iconoclasm under Constantine.

GoodEats 225

GoodEats 229

Egyptian Pita on the back of an annoying little boy named Bakshish –

Let me tell you, this kid was QUICK. He was also quite the Con artist for such a young’n – He managed to run off with 10 Egyptian pounds from my Pop.











GoodEats 261

A Palestinian and an Egyptian, in front of the pyramids. This is perhaps my favourite photo from the entire trip. These two men were so deep into discussion, they didn’t notice me snap about 5 pictures of them. I wasn’t far away either.

GoodEats 284

My sister and I, it was ridiculously windy. We were caked in a layer of sand when we left.

GoodEats 287

The Pyramid of Khafre, the setting sun.

GoodEats 326

Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and the Sphinx.

GoodEats 345

Khufu, et le Sphinx.