I Dream in Cats


So, I’ve been off living life. I was in Moscow for a few days, and have been enjoying a relatively blank schedule. Of course, a kid like me fills it up.

Oh, and I woke up this morning thinking “I dream in cats”. Not “I dream OF cats” or “I dream ABOUT cats” or even “I dream WITH cats” but “I dream IN cats”. Like all of my dreams are composed of various cats. I’m still trying to figure it out. I didn’t even dream about cats. I was actually a dragon, getting married to another dragon on top of a pointy mountain. Oh the dreams of Ansley.

Anyway. After contemplating morphing into a dragon for life, I moved on.

I went absolutely CRAZY and had 2 zweiback crisps with my coffee.

Grad Gown 003

Jokes. I normally have 3 with ma cafe chaque matin.

Then I had a loverly breakfast of banananananananer, pliz-ane yogurt, flax, almonds, cinna-ya-mon, and honey.

Grad Gown 005  

This looked oddly bare. Sadly insipid. Horribly humdrum, and overall wasn’t exciting my palette.

Until he came along.

Grad Gown 006

Oh yes boys and girls. It’s no surprise that almond butter spices up. Home-made it is. Cinnamon honey flavoured this is. Delicious it was.

Like any other homosapien, I was hungry again.

Grad Gown 007

Unformed chickens, scrambled with copious amounts of Franks, cottage cheese, salt and pepper. With a ‘mater and some wasas.

Did I really just write unformed chickens? Pahaha. My mind works oddly.

I ate it with some lovin’ on a braeburn apple.

Grad Gown 015 

After an eventful day of sewing and cheeeeelin’, I flipped on the grill. These veggies got a makeover.


Grad Gown 018


Grad Gown 024

While they were a’cookin’ away, I enjoyed the scenery off our balcony –

GoodEats 034

Too bad you can’t see the Alps on the left, they’re really quite breathtaking. Kinda pretty.

I ate the beauties with some toe-food, (my little cousin Rae called tofu that when she was just learning to speak, and, hey, it’s completely stuck.)

Grad Gown 035

Oh yeah, want to see my sweet grad dress?

Grad Gown 088




It’s a vintage Nina Ricci I found in Zurich. Of course, this is just the dress. The full outfit I have planned is fabulous.


I’ll keep you in suspense. πŸ˜›























And that’s all for now. I should let you know that I have a new blog in the works. I’m broadening my horizons, folks. Hope you like it. And if you don’t, well you can go eat worms.

But you’ll probably like it so you won’t have to eat the slimy earthlings.

More details to come.

Wiederleuge, tchuss!


5 Responses to “I Dream in Cats”

  1. eliza Says:

    love that dress, you look absolutely stunning in it!
    that breakfast looks delicious and homemade cinnamon honey almond butter yum! i need to make some homemade nut butter asap πŸ™‚
    toe-food haha so cute.

    ❀ eliza

  2. ellie Says:

    thank you for the comment on my blog- I’ve been reading yours for ages but too shy to comment!

    LOVE the view from your balcony and the dress is stunning.

    Braeburn apples, grilled veggies, almond butter…good taste!

    Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

  3. merittothecarrot Says:

    OH. EM. GEE. NINA RICCI! I AM SO JELLY. Btw, your photography is brilliant! so bright and yummy looking. Your close up w/ the almond butter? I DROOL. Love the blog! Keep in touch (:
    I’m Sam, late introduction, and thanks for the comment on my blog!

  4. Brooke Says:

    thank you for visiting sv πŸ˜€

    i love your blog !!! beautiful pictures, food, and you included. the vintage nina ricci? gorgeous! i am an avid fan of designer vintage. i cannot wait to see the finished look!

    hope you enjoy your weekend sweetie,
    love brooke ❀

    p.s wow what a gorgeous scenery overlooking the balcony (and your dinner, too!)

  5. LOVE the vintage Nina Ricci- so lovely!:D

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