One by Land, Two by Sea



One if by land – (Coffee)


Two if by sea (green tea) –


Yep, I made 3 mugs of warm goodness this morning. And yes, that’s a cactus in the background. (And, while we’re being honest, yes, the horse on my Zurich mug inspired my title). I needed some warm fuzzy love inside, and didn’t want to stuff myself with warm chocolate cake … Which actually sounds quite nice …

The plug-in to Paul Revere (My hero!) just came naturally. Can you blame me?

Anyway, sorry about dinner last night. I had some fantastic whole grain rye baguette with squash soup – on crack again (see previous post). I was so hungry I didn’t care about taking photos of it – and that’s a first! So, I knew you understanding readers would understand. 🙂 (IF I HAVE any readers, are you out there? 😉 )

Breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. 1 scrambled egg + 1 egg white, S&P, Frank’s a splash of milk, and a piece of Smart Balanced Whole Wheat toast –


Paired with Vanilla Bean Yogurt + Blue & Black Berries –


= A very satisfying and balanced breakfast. I then ventured off to the grocery, my fridge was REDICULOUS it was so empty. It’s nice and full now 🙂

I was pretty hungry by the time I was done unloading and such so I had a bowl of blueberries (quickly becoming my favourite fruit) and 15g of DINKELPOPS!


Oh boy, these puffs are so delicious. They’re simply puffed spelt, and because they’re light you get SO many for even half a serving.


Looking back at this morning’s eats, I may turn blue, after all the berries!










You can see them soaking up delicious rice milk. Mmmm.

‘Round 5:15 I started to get hungry again, so I had another 15g of puffed spelt (!!!) and a sweet white peach.


I felt like two things for dinner. Rosemary and pizza. It made quite an easy and scrumptious meal! I made a whole wheat pizza dough, and added about 2 Tablespoons of chopped, fresh Rosemary.

Pizza all prepared, before hittin’ the heat –




While it cooked I enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the lake, and snapped a shot.


On the lovely dough I piled, I repeat, PILED sliced zucchini, yellow and red bell peppers, spinach, cottage cheese, tomatoes/tomato sauce, Valess cubes (Think Quorn, only milkier and cheesier) and an ounce of Mozzarella and Swiss.

It made 9 square pieces for about 350 calories total. I had 4 pieces and one small corner (not pictured!)




It was BRILLIANT. The rosemary really stood up to the other flavors, and the crust was super crispy/rosemary-y. I think I’m going to try and use this recipe, only roll it out thinner and make crackers…



And of course supplemented by a spinach salad –

With blueberries (I guess I DIDN’T have enough!), raspberries, bell pepper/zuc from the pizza, and black beans. Dressing was a grainy honey mustard. Very filling.









I found Toasted Sesame & Sumatra Coconut ice cream (!!!!!) and you can definitely count on a serving (or two) in a bit!


4 Responses to “One by Land, Two by Sea”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    You know that I’m a reader!!! 🙂

  2. Lindsey Says:

    You DO have readers! That pizza is making my stomach growl, and the berries aren’t helping. Jealous!

  3. Julz Says:

    I AM IN LOVE with your blog, pictures, and your style girl! Sorry I’ll be sure to try and comment more often! 🙂

  4. aunt marie Says:


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