Rain, Rain, You Can Stay


Rain, rain, go away, come again another day I don’t mind, stick around and we can play. (I know, I’ll never make it in the song-parody industry)

I’m not quite sure what’s up today, it could be the weather (which I’ll get on to later) and it could be the late (9:15pm) dinner I had last night, but I just don’t have an appetite. And for me, that’s a sad thing! I enjoy cooking, baking and eating TOO much to not do the latter.

So this morning I had a coffee with a Pagan Krisproll, comme normale.


I also had a small tear of bread dipped in some soup in the fridge, for the record.

Onto the weather. (A common topic for my blog, isn’t it? I’m a weather kind of person. [I even though about becoming a meteorologist at one point] ) It’s cold – about 55ish degrees, very windy, and chilly rain. I’m loving every moment of it 🙂 Reading, hot tea, cozy chair and comfy blanket = an equation of pure bliss for me.

I think I’ll be making some kind of soup tonight… so until then, I’ll wait for an appetite!

Update 5:42pm

Where has the day gone?! It’s nearly 6! There’s a slight break in the clouds, so I’m going to go for a quick 25 minute jog, maybe that will get things going for me, including an appetite. I just hope the sky doesn’t decide to open up on me while I’m out!

Update 7:15pm

15 minutes into my run, the rain thought it would be HILARIOUS if it soaked me. So it did, accomplished it’s goal of soaking me, but it actually felt nice – Sweaty Runner + Cool Rain = a good balance. So I came indoors for 10-15 minutes on the elliptical, followed by some weights and abs.

A little something decided to come visit me on my run too .. MY HUNGER. I showered and dressed as quickly as I could so I could chow. Post-workout I had a bit of cottage cheese + Yogurt, Blueberries + Blackberries. Oh, a few almond slivers, and a drizzle of Greek honey. It was delicious. Sweet, tangy, creamy, crunchy – or maybe I was just so hungry it was really so-so…




All mixed up, purple goodness released –


Boy, was I having technical difficulties earlier. When I opened WLW, there were HUGE red x’s everywhere! Then I couldn’t access my photos, through ANY means on my laptop, and I had a very quiet freakout. But I restarted the computer, and it worked as a charm. Much more relaxed now. 🙂





After all this rain, chilly wind, and brilliant autumn weather pre-seasonal cool-down, I made comfort in a bowl – Tomato soup on crack.


Okay, no, it wasn’t on crack, I’ll admit. But I did revv ‘er up. I added broccoli, white beans, cucumbers (On a whim I added them, but it didn’t turn out bad), carrots, fresh tomatoes and red onion.


On top I dolloped yogurt, sprinkled grated cheese, and guzzled Frank’s.  On the side I had some toasted hunks of whole wheat baguette, and a Quorn filet with more Frank’s.


Too bad my fake cheese ruined the picture. Hmpff. 

I wish I had bought some tasty ice cream, because I could sure go for some now, and I’ve got the calories to use 😉

And BEFORE I FORGET – I’ll unveil the contents of the mystery drawer Wednesday, so keep the guesses coming!


4 Responses to “Rain, Rain, You Can Stay”

  1. Erin Says:

    I hope your run was awesome! I love being outside right after the rain. That smell never gets old. 🙂

  2. VeggieGirl Says:

    Hehe, I like the parody 😀

    Your Pagan Krisproll looks like it is floating – what a fun visual effect!

  3. hk Says:

    holy yum, i love the drip of honey! I’m totally in love with Quorn cutlets, mmm- sounds lovely with “cracked out” tomato soup~

  4. Nikki Says:

    Oh I want it to be cold and rainy so I can have a big bowl of soup. Today it was rainy but humid.

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