Lucky Number 7….3? 73?


I spent the day in, oddly, my favourite degree … (Yes, I was hesitant to admit I have a favourite degree, and it’s 73 if you’re wondering) 🙂 Bern was a beautiful city, pretty different than Zurich in that the old town (Think 13th century) is largely the city’s main part, which is refreshing, in a weird way.

Before I left I made a quick breakfast, I was running a bit late! (Surprised?)


3 scrambled egg whites with a few drips of Frank’s and Granna Padano –


3/4 Cup blueberries, a few blackberries, 10g of whole grain flakes, and a splash of milk –


With coffee (nearly gone at the time of photo, and Krisproll already devoured) with a bit of light reading. (No sure how I did that, even though I was running late?)


Bern had a great open air market today, I bought a funky hand-made bracelet from a Native American stand – Still am trying to understand why they were in Bern – With a sail boat on it.


Also, there was an Italian Gelato stand, and it’s been just over a week since I’ve had some great gelato, so I went for it, before lunch and all! 3 flavours – Nocciola (Hazelnut, and the best) Schoki (Chocolate, meh, it was so-so) and Schlumpf. I still have no idea what it means, but it was bright blue and the kid in me had to get it. It tasted like cotton candy and blueberries, a bit disappointing.


I had about 2 small bites of each, shared, and into the trash it went.



Lunch was at a Thai/Japanese hybrid restaurant named Punkt. Dined outside, (In the 73 degree weather, yes).

I usually dislike going out to eat because everything I order tends to wind up infront of me drenched in oil/butter/cream.


I asked for mixed steamed veggies and tofu, and I got this –






I was pleasantly surprised! They actually steamed it! The sauce was greasy, no surprise, but I did my best. I added about 1/3 cup of white rice – no brown available! –


I ate just over half of the tofu and half of the rice. It was okay, a bit bland, but when they brought out spicy chili pepper sauce, you can believe my plate was covered in it.

After a few hours of shopping (I got three great items from designers in Copenhagen for half the price! Score!) I found myself in Starbucks, and THEY WERE OUT OF BERN MUGS! It was going to be a nice little gift for the blogworld, but, well, what happened happened. So I bought an iced coffee with a splash of skim for condolence.




So, here I am, home again, snacking on a bit of last night’s left over salad – and realizing how informal my photos are today! I think partly because I was in a rush this morning I didn’t search for the best shot … Oh well. There’s still dinner!









I was browsing through recipes on, and saw an article ‘overloaded with zucchini?’, and like I was on a sitcom, wanted to scream YES! So I found a cool idea – Zucchini fries. I gave it a shot, but our oven here doesn’t have a very hot setting, nor a broiler, so I did the best I could.



They came out a tad soggy, and stuck like a nightmare to the baking pan, despite my best efforts to douse the darn thing in PAM. (Actually, a Swiss imitation of PAM, but who’s keeping track?)

I also whipped up a batch of marinara sauce, using (gasp!) canned tomatoes.

I ended up pouring the sauce right down the middle of those puppies and picked up my fork. Worked much better.





I also made the rest of my baked tofu, on whole wheat bread with a bit of cottage cheese, (Notice the clump directly above the word ‘rest’) mustard, and skim cheese. This stuff stuck to the roof of my mouth like it was it’s job! Annoying. Also a dill pickle. 🙂


With water, and an unpictured slice of baguette I wolfed while cooking. As well as a square of dark chocolate after.


2 Responses to “Lucky Number 7….3? 73?”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Haha, 73° is quite pleasant 😀

    Gorgeous bracelet!!

    I vote for tortilla pizzas 🙂

  2. Danielle Says:

    Thanks for stopping my blog! I’ve never been to yours but it’s great! You are a very talented photographer and I love how you’re blogging from Switzerland… I have a thing for a traveling if you couldn’t tell already ;). What are you doing there may I ask? Also, hope you don’t mind but I’d like to add you to my blogroll. I should come around here more often, yay for vegetarians!

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