The Cross-Bite Saves the Day


First things first – let me fill you in on last night’s food encounters.

I made a fresh salad for dinner – but I was deleting old pictures from my camera, and off went the pictures of it! Luckily I stopped before I deleted the cross-bite shot, so, the only evidence of my dinner is the cross=bite.

In it I had arugula, mixed seeds, corn, shredded carrot, tomato and a light creamy dressing. Very refreshing.




I also enjoyed it with a cup of yogurt, with a few giant blackberries and puffed spelt. It was so good – I mashed up the berries a bit, and a beautiful dark purple juice mixed with the yogurt.











  I ate pretty early last night, so around 10-ish I was grumbling away. I cut up some honeydew and cantaloupe, then dolloped a scoop or so of vanilla ice cream. I also had a few chocolate sprinkles left over from who knows what, slivered almonds and a little piece of dark chocolate on top. Better than a cherry, in my opinion.


Definitely hit the spot, and gave me lovely dreams as well 🙂


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