Purple Stomach





Well, I got my blueberry bulgur fix this morning! After a bit of reading and coffee drinking, I made blueberry-coconut bulgur. It was amazing! The coconut really was the star ingredient, and the blueberries turned the bland beige grain into a purple-y, velvety and luscious breakfast. I’m sure my insides are purple, and definitely happy!

I enjoyed it with a sliced apple, and a few slivered almonds. (And a Pagan’s Krisproll, of course).






Now I’ve got to go into my cleaning-machine mode, and get this place tidy before our guests come tomorrow! Since I had a pretty late breakfast, and the bulgur being quite satiating, I don’t foresee a lunch, rather a nice snack and a hearty dinner. Until then folks!

I think I’m going to make Eggplant Bucatini for dinner tonight, with whole wheat pasta. Who knows, we’ll see how it goes.

This afternoon after I ran some errands I had the juiciest, sweetest, ripest whit peach ever! I could eat them all day.


I’m actually quite hungry now, but I’m not sure what to have. I need groceries. The fridge/cabinets are empty. Picture…. a tumbleweed blowing through an empty salon. That empty salon is my fridge. That tumbleweed probably some funky mold from some old produce.


I decided on some yogurt with a sprinkle of the following things – raisins, sliced almonds,  crunchy muesli, cinnamon and Splenda.


6 Responses to “Purple Stomach”

  1. Nikki Says:

    All I want in the world is blueberry bulgur – must have!

  2. VeggieGirl Says:

    I just went through your blog archives, and I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how impressed I am with your food photography skills – stunning!! I’m adding you to my blog roll, and am looking forward to viewing more posts :0)

  3. hk Says:

    the most vibrant color I’ve ever seen 🙂 recipe?

    I second VG, your pictures are simply amazing!!!

  4. iameatingtolive Says:

    Aw, I love the cup of coffee with the little biscuit on the rim 😀

    Purple blueberry bulgur insides sound good to me!! hehe

    Good luck cleaning – and if all else fails, eat more of those amazing-looking peaches!


  5. vegetariandisciplinarian Says:

    Sure darlings, blueberry bulgur recipe post coming right up!

  6. Wowza, photograph much?

    It looks like this is something that has been said many times before, but my goodness your pictures are stunning!

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