You Don’t Know What You Got …


Until it’s gone! The sun came and went, and the heavy rain and wind has made it’s dramatic return. It was nice while it lasted.

This morning I met with a nutritionist, and we have a follow up meeting Wednesday, but she told me from now until then to eat more grains and oil. She’s trying to fatten me up 😉

Anyway, I was in such a rush this morning that I forgot to take a picture! I did, however take a picture of the empty bowl and mug … You can just imagine the bowl [The Hippo bowl] filled with yogurt, blueberries, a few orange segments, and granola. The mug, imagine the mug with a rich, frothy dark coffee and a Krisproll! I’m taking a trip to Iceland later this Summer, so that explains the tour guide 🙂


I’d also like to say I respond to comments on the same entry – so if you write me something, check back in a bit and you may just have a response! 😀

Oh! Here is my bee sting …. Viewer discretion is advised. Ouch, man! It still stings! 2 days later! What a NASTY bee.


When I said I really enjoyed yesterday’s tortilla pizza, I didn’t think I’d make it again the next day! Today I spread a little bit of cottage cheese along the tortilla, as well as to tomato paste, and I must say, the cottage cheese really gave it a nice creamy texture. Almost like a hybrid of Alfredo and tomato? Mmm.



I enjoyed it with a side of paprika and herb cottage cheese, which isn’t complete without a few flaxseed crackers, and a San Pel in the background.









020 I also had a small side salad with artichokes, diced bell pepper, and the left over zucchini and squash from the pizza.


On the tortilla concoction today I piled on a layer of cottage cheese, red beans, corn kernels, yellow and green zucchini, bell pepper and a Quorn filet. With a bit of parm and mozzarella, of course.  


Now it’s time to go and get some more work done, in this muggy yet cold rainy weather. Oh July, you’ve continued to disappoint me.













Well, the rain let up for a little bit, so I decided to take a bike ride. Not just any bike ride, no sir, I live on a mountain, remember? It was intense. Phew. I’m exhausted, and I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow!



Before I left I whipped a home-made blackberry cobbler – With a mixture of applesauce, oats, whole wheat flower, Splenda and cinnamon, with a tiny schmear of Smart Balance atop. No, that pink and white creamy goodness isn’t Smart Balance, that’s Strawberry/Vanilla froyo. Because, honestly, what is cobbler without a bit of frozen deliciousness?






For Dinner I was planning on making an Eggplant Bucatini dish, but I looked at the clock and it was already 8:30! So I tried to make something quick – Paninis and a side salad. I accidentally burnt the Paninis a little, but it just added a bunch of crunch, which was fine with me. On the side I also had some baked spicy tofu.





On the panini I had red bell pepper, zucchini, fresh basil, gruyere, cottage cheese (for creaminess) tomato, and pickle. Oh, and yellow squash. It was really nice.











The salad was very refreshing – blueberries, raspberries, tomato, carrots, zucchini and fresh spinach, drizzled with a sweet balsamico dressing.


I better get to sleep, it’s another early day tomorrow!


5 Responses to “You Don’t Know What You Got …”

  1. b Says:

    you are a bonified badass for that beesting. it looks really painful 😦

    and, iceland! wow i wish i could go there! have funnn

  2. Nikki Says:

    Wow – you are going to Iceland? How groovy – what will you do there? Do they have vegetarian food I wonder? I am so sorry about your beesting – owie! Once again your cuisine is inspired. I love all your fresh veggies. I am going to the farm stand today and loading up on veggie till they come out of my ears!

  3. vegetariandisciplinarian Says:

    B and Nikki – I’m really excited for Iceland as well! I have Icelandic roots, so that will keep things interesting. And I’m sure they’ll have vegetarian food. If not, well, it looks like I’ll be eating a lot of whale and reindeer!

  4. iameatingtolive Says:

    Hi, thanks for your comment 🙂
    I *love* your blog! The photography is some of the best I’ve seen on food blogs. You definitely have a talent – I’ve linked ya 😀

    yikes, that beesting looks painful… take care of it!

    your meeting with the nutritionist sounded interesting. did you just set up an appointment out of curiosity, or for medical reasons? I’ve been thinking to meet with one sometime, just to see what they say to me, haha.

    Take care!

  5. I like your meatless (yet meaty) memoir.

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