July? Is That You?


With a few less degrees, it could easily be sleeting here! It’s absolutely FREEZING! It’s the middle of July! The rain, cold rain at that, makes me wonder if this is July? Really? Maybe this is a really elaborate prank …†

I started my morning with, of course, some coffee and a Pagen Krisproll, and half of a Carrot-Zug cookie. They both fell in before I could snap a shot though! Luckily, I fished ’em out, but the cookie-cake has a nice little frothy-sweater on.


I think I’m coming down with a cold, or a variation of a bug (possibly frigid-weather induced??) because I haven’t been too hungry lately. For Breakfast/Lunch I made some gentle Oat Bran pancakes. They were a jiff to make – I used Bran cereal, egg whites, a few oats, and a splash of milk. I sprinkled a few chopped walnuts and coconut on them, as well as a bit of Smart Balance.


I had the Brancakes with a side of nectarine and apple, and an individual sized bottle of Maple Syrup.


Well, I’ve actually not many words for today. I think the weather is putting a damper on things. Maybe a run will help. Or not?

I’ve been meaning to use up the tofu balls I found at our organic shop, and it looks like tonight was the night! I had them on a bed of Cajun quinoa, and a chili sauce. On the side is a cup of Mexican tomato soup, and few florets of broccoli, whose picture unfortunately went MIA…



Supplemented by some fresh, whole grain baguette. My tummy is certainly happy, and full.

Next course – home made Strawberry Sorbet.


One Response to “July? Is That You?”

  1. jackie Says:

    i am so very proud of you! you’re doing great, and you should be a chef! i cant believe you make stuff like this every day. it’s so appealing to the eye, and stomach of course.

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