Warms the Heart


On a rainy, muggy and nasty day, there is absolutely nothing that warms you better than a nice, frothy cup of Joe. Not just temperature warmth, but comfort and enjoyment. It gives your heart a little hug as it goes down into your belly.

We have a crazy good coffee maker, it’s about 1.5 foot x 2 foot, and the neighbours scan hear it anytime we concoct a mug. It does everything, and I can’t imagine a mug of joy without it.

                                                                                                                      004I enjoy mine with a Krisproll, dipped in, so it becomes nice and mushy, yet you can still taste and feel the whole grains, still hanging on with a bit of a crunch.

Another of our Starbucks City mugs, This one is Madrid.

This is Cafe Verona, also from Starbucks. I like the dark, full bodied European flavour. It’s goooood.






I woke up a bit late, actually, I was planning on running this morning around 9am, but when my alarm went off I A) looked outside B) saw it was raining C) turned off my alarm and D) fell asleep for another 3 hours. 🙂 Oh, how I love my sleep.

Breakfast is my favourite meal, so seeing it was noon and time for lunch, just opted to have Breakfast instead. Gotta start the day right! I had some of my Nectarine Steel Cut Oats, added half a banana, splash of Rice Milk, Slivered Almonds, A few Chopped Walnuts, and with inspiration from Kath, an Almond Butter spoon. It was scrumptious! Warm, gooey, chewy, filling.

007  008

It looks like quite a lot of AB, but it’s about 1/2 Tbs. Just kinda runny. [But delicious!]

I’d like to share the cross bite. Clear your palette, and open wide –


Thanks Kath! This was absolutely, terrifically, undoubtedly amazing.



It’s a lazy, rainy afternoon kind of day, and I spent it the best way I know – with a bit of dark chocolate and a good read. Today’s picks were Cailler Eclats de Caramel, and French Poetry par Gilles Vigneault. 

After some R&R, I hit the Elliptical for 20, then 20 minutes of strength training with a resistance band. Those babies are great, somehow I much prefer them to regular free weights or calisthenics. After, I re-fueled on some whole wheat toast with Smart Balance, a bit of Raspberry Preserves, and fresh raspberries.

My little army of Raspberries. March on, boys!






Morphed into a raspberry taco. How cute! It was great. Gone way to fast, however.




039Dinner was neat. I made a funky shaped whole grain pasta with a mustard-y sauce, sauteed with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, sprinkled with a bit of Feta. Then I made a bit more of the same mustard-y sauce, and marinated, then baked some tofu in it. It came out really well! And for a sweet-tooth satisfying side, I used the last of our fresh blackberries with a dollop of Greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of Splenda. What a meal.


Can you tell I used grainy mustard? Mmm. It’s unbeatable.




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