I enjoy planning out my entire day, sometimes even down to the T. [Or down to the nut, as my little cousin Rae would say] I do this typically at night before hitting the pillows, and it does wonders for my ‘sleep anxiety’. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

So last night, I was planning away, and satisfied with what I devised. I decided to try and work out in the morning, before my German lesson, and although it was a good idea in theory, I’m a terrible, I repeat, TERRIBLE waker-upper. [Just to give you an idea, I have about 3-4 alarms strategically placed around my room] I, of course, woke up about 15 minutes late, but I did get my 30 minutes of cardio in, just didn’t have time for my upper body strength :[ I suppose I can do it later.

Through out the day I decided I like working out in the morning the best. I kept subconciously thinking … ‘Dang, I still have to work out’ and then my other subconscience would kick in – ‘You already did it today, silly!’. So, overall, I’m a morning worker-outer. Nice to meet you.

Before I wasted some energy doing cardio, I fueled up on 100g of Plain Low Fat Yogurt, and 1/2 a Navel Orange. No picture, sorry, my brain doesn’t quite function that early in the morning.

After a nice cold shower I was a little pressed for time, so I didn’t get to make a nice warm batch of home madecinnamon apple oatmeal. Oh well, thinking about it now a warm bowl of oatmeal + sweaty/hot from working out isn’t such a great combo. I had a bowl of multi-grain Cheerios [I can’t get enough!] with skim milk, a colorful cantaloupe/honeydew combo, and some frothy deeeeee-licious coffee. I’m an addict. Oh yeah, we also collect City Mugs from Starbucks. This one is Geneva, sorry you can’t see it!

After my German lesson I got a few groceries, mainly produce and some whole wheat flour, because I’m planning on making zucchini-carrot cookies later.

Lunch was fun – 2 slices of whole wheat bread, Quorn filets, grainy mustard on the bread. I put the Quorn on the bread, and a little bit of cheese atop, then broiled that sucker. While it was melting, I prepared some lettuce, bell pepper and tomato for the top. Doesn’t the juice from the tomato on the cutting board look neat? I certainly think so.

On the site I had a bit of yogurt, blackberries and raspberries. The blackberries were AMAZING. Nearly overly juicy and sweet. The raspberries [Wabitties, Rae would say] weren’t too bad either. I sprinked about a teaspoon of flaxseed granola atop, just for some crunch.

And the sandwich! It was gargantuan, but the flavours combined were great. Something about a runny tomato seeping into nice bread… Maybe I’m just strange like that? Nahhhh.

Look at all the colours in that puppy! If that isn’t uber healthy, I don’t know what is. Don’t you want to sink your teeth into that? I certainly do. Oh wait, I DID. Here’s the whole meal.

Well, it’s possibly the last day with my good ‘ole Blackberry. Actually it hasn’t been THAT good, but hey, the phrase is what the phrase is. I’m really excited for tomorrow morning, although I don’t see myself waking up 5am for my workout, I’m thinking I’ll hit it after my phone. If I cant pull away from it, that is!

Man. That monster sandwich must’ve really held me over. I’m only starting to get hungry. I had a small cup of peaches and raspberries with a splash of OJ and honey whole wheat bar, but by the time I finished the fruit I couldn’t finish it. Another day, another time.

The neighbourhood kitty, Baloo, decided to pay us a visit. He snuck into our flat, [We leave opposing doors open for a nice cross breeze, so really he didn’t sneak in, he just, well, waltzed in, in his kitty like way…]

I made a KILLER salad for dinner. In the marvelous mixture was;

  • Spinach/Other Mixed Greens
  • Red Kidney Beans
  • Artichokes
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes [Sans Oil]
  • A few Almond Slivers
  • A Few chopped walnuts

Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower

All enrobed in a genious Taziki dressing – I combined a few teaspoons of the Greek yogurt sauce, vinegar, a hit of Kiefer, Splenda and ground pepper. The blackberries mushed up a bit, and turned the dressing a lovely purplish colour. Beautiful. A very satisfying, and filling, and FIBEROUS meal.

That’s it for today. Until my next meal!


3 Responses to “Colorful”

  1. mac Says:

    wow! you should be a personal chef!

  2. hk Says:

    ahh, your pictures are stellar!!

  3. Daelyn Says:

    The sandwich looks delicious! I love colorful meals! 🙂

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