1.5 Days to iPhone.


I’ve only one more day to go without my new white 16GB iPhone! I’m positively estatic. The release here is quite secrative, so I’ve got to go to the Swisscom store at 6:30am Friday morning, when they first open the store. Fingers crossed they’ll have the white in 16GB that’s not reserved, and worse case scenario I wait a few weeks for my reserved gem to come in.

I slept in really late this morning … Or should I say, afternoon? Okay, it was 11:59. I made my favourite meal of diced apple, cereal, plain yogurt, cinnamon and I threw in a few blueberries for some purty-ness.

Lunch was quick and simple, I wasn’t too hungry. I used some of the last of my home-made hummus, a few bell pepper slices, and a new find – Flaxseed Whole Grain crackers. Sweet!

After a nice adventure through the roads and a random restaurant in central Switzerland, I came home and made Coconut Almond Granola. I’ll post the recipe if anyone wishes.I’m actually not quite sure where it originated … I got it fromKath’s website.Here it is in the making …

I used the honey we got as a gift from a resort in Tenerife -

Oh, also in our adventures through Switz I had a small scoop of wildberry icecream. Couldn’t have been more than 1/2 cup.

I guess all that work got me pretty hungry, but again, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I wanted? I knew I was feelin’ some spiral whole wheat pasta, and veggies, so I just went with it. I threw in some frozen spinach to a sautee pan, added lemon juice and tuna, then artichokes [my absolute favourite!] green beans, and a few kernels of corn for colour and appeal. I was pretty lacking on my dairy intake, so I had a side of low-fat cottage cheese and maize crackers. Mmm.

Here’s the meal as a total. Halfway through the meal I though I’d add the cottage cheese right into the main dish, and it turned out really nice! Very creamy and indulget, but certainly not calorie/fat wise. I should remember this, use it more often, eh.

Pretty good day, overall food group wise. I had a whopping 91 grams of protein in total. Boo-yah! I’m off for a nice brisk walk, then who knows what the tides may bring in. Perhaps a nice cool bath. [It’s getting really hot here!]


2 Responses to “1.5 Days to iPhone.”

  1. vickiii Says:

    91 grams of protein?
    that’s amazing.

  2. vickiii Says:

    oh, and indulge me, where in the world have you not been?
    freakin harlem globetrotterrrrrrr.

    i’m insanely jealous of you.

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