Tuesday the Theraputic


How can days full of reading, surfing the ‘Internet Super Highway’ [As Gore famously coined it], napping and cooking not be enjoyed? That’s therapy, atleast in my book.

This morning I started the day off with a bowl of multi-grain Cheerios, Skim Milk and fresh fruit. The milk wasn’t as cold as I like, because I had just opened a new carton, but milk is milk, right?

After breakfast I spent my time with some much needed retail therapy, then picked up my Kundera book. Who needs a productive morning, anyway? That’s what afternoons are for. [As of today].
For lunch I made a chopped salad with fresh tomatoes, cottage cheese [which actually covers the poached egg whites – They’re in there, I swear!] a pickle, balsamic dressing and a slice of whole wheat bread.

I had a nice weight-lifting session, and endorphins are always welcomed. After weights my stomach was chatting quite loudly, so I feasted on some fat free plain yogurt, a few almond slivers and cinnamon. [They’re may be a hazlenut or two thrown in there, just for good measure…]

I studied a bit of my German, and I was feeling a bit antsy and axious, and took a quick jog. I came back refreshed and yadda yoo, more good things to say about endorphins. I found a cool recipe I wanted to try, Orange Glazed Tofu. Turns out we didn’t have any orange juice. Actually, we had oranges so I just used those. I added in some yellow and green squash, and 1/2 of a Rye Toast.

Sweet potatoes, for some reason, were calling my name tonight so I decided to use them up. Sprinkled with a bit of paprika and salt, they’re quite delicious and healthy. [Low on the glycemic index… If you care about that shenanigans]. You can see the ones I ate in the bowl above, [Cool bowl, no? Ikea rocks.] But I decided to give a nice close up to showcase my many talents. :p


Pretty good day, food group wise. I didn’t get all 3 cups of dairy in though. Or all the grains. Ooops.


One Response to “Tuesday the Theraputic”

  1. vickiii Says:

    woman, i am so so so so proud.
    i sound like a broken record.
    but you sound so… normal.
    i’m impressed.

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